Small Business Services

Blue Eyed Web has expanded its small business services beyond web site creation and updating and web site hosting services to include a broader range of services to help you get the most from your web site, and save you time and frustration trying to manage it all yourself. Blue Eyed Web can now also provide you with website management and marketing services to improve your exposure and help other businesses or consumers find you on the internet.

We employ a range of tactics to help promote your site, including Search Engine Optimization (making your site appear more useful to the search engines, helps your natural listings) and Paid Advertising, either with Pay-Per-Click ads (like Google AdWords) or Paid Advertising in related directories, e-zines and other web sites. With an active internet advertising campaign, you are ready for any type of promotion. Have a "hot" or time-sensitive offer? We can have your promotions online in less than 24hrs to target your audience. Have a short run seasonal-type offer, or any other special you want to promote? We can have it showing within a day and then immediately discontinue it when the offer is sold out or over, without any long term ad contracts. Need year 'round customers? No problem either, we'll search and find the best methods and locations to promote your products or services to your target audience. There are even ways to promote your products or services where you do not pay anything for your ads until you see results from them (affiliate programs). If you have a local or regional product or service it is now possible to geographically target your advertising so you are not wasting money advertising to someone in New York or California when your service is only offered in Texas, or only in designated areas like Dallas, Austin or Waco. We now also have the ability to send press releases out whenever you have news about your company you wish to promote. This will help generate interest in your site and provide additional links to it.

We can also provide you with complete statistical information on your site visitors, where they come from, how they found you, where they went on your site, how long they were on your site, and any other information you might want to know. As part of our initial setup, we will track the current traffic to your site to establish a baseline. From that information we can set realistic goals for how much traffic we can bring to your site within a given time (the initial goal is usually for a longer time period (3 to 4 month time frame while the site is becoming improved, with monthly goals set later).

We also provide ongoing monthly maintenance or continuous improvement agreements to keep your site current and in top shape. With our maintenance agreements, we monitor your site 24/7 to make sure all is working correctly, and if there is a long term problem with your host, establish a mirror backup site to have you up and running again within a day. We will also make minor corrections to your site as needed and verify all links and areas are working as they should be. With a continuous improvement agreement, your site will be updated with current information regularly (minimum once a month) so the search engines always find fresh content, minor updates and page information corrections made on demand, the addition of up to one new page every 2 months, the general look and style updated (if you want) every 2 years at no extra charge, and new features as needed to gradually improve your site.



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