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You've got enough on your mind running your business these days than to try to figure out if your web site is bringing customers in, or if it is even showing correctly! Let me guide you to a better way!

Hi, my name is Walter Pierce, and I run Blue Eyed Web. I started this company when I started noticing more web sites for small businesses that were just not working correctly anymore. Links to other web sites were going nowhere, and worst of all, links on their site pointing to their own pages were returning the dreaded 404-Page Not Found Error. Reading statements on a website like "coming in the Spring of 2013", when I am looking at the site in the Fall of 2015, tells me that the business owner is either so busy they haven't thought about updating the site, or thinks that their business hasn't really changed, so why should their web site? Besides, they can't tell if they are actually getting any business from their site, so why should they bother working on it?

The job of the search engines, like Google, is to provide current, relevant information to those using their service. If the search engines consistently find problem areas with the site, they tend to not index a site as thoroughly. If the search engines keep finding the same information on the site and it never changes, they don't come back and check it as often and thus new, more updated sites will gradually take its place and push it lower down the page.

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Member of the TSTC Web Design & Development Technology Advisory Board since 2007

Please pardon any mistakes you come across, I am still in the process of upgrading and reworking this site, in between everybody else's. I should be through eventually!



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